Client Directory

Client Directory

Please see the directory below for a complete list of Pro-Cert certified operators, their products and current certification status. The current focus of the directory is our organic programs. In the near future, we will be updating to include our Grass Fed, Gluten Free and other related programs.
This directory is updated daily and will change, as operators move through their current certification cycle. The directory is informational but is not a substitute for collecting certificates from your suppliers. Operators listed as Certified are in good standing with Pro-Cert. Operations with Suspended status are still part of the program, but may not transact organic products until reinstated to certified status. Operations listed as cancelled, revoked or denied shall not sell, label or otherwise represent products as compliant.
Questions or complaints relating to the certification status of a Pro-Cert certified operator may be directed to our office.

Certification Programs:

COR Canadian Organic Regime

NOP USDA National Organic Program (USA)

COS Canada Organic Standards (Out-of-Scope for COR)

LOC Local Organic Certification

Client Directory

Additional Resources:

The CFIA maintains a list of all COR cancelled certifications on their website

The USDA maintains the Organic Integrity Database listing the status of all NOP certified operators.