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  • What is Organic?
  • Who is Pro-Cert?
  • Why Choose Pro-Cert

bread-smOrganic is a claim referring to methods of agricultural production and food processing that minimizes disruption of the natural environment and encourages the health and vitality of the soil, promotes humane animal management and preserves ecological integrity.

In other words, organic means:

  • No synthetic pesticides
  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No chemical fertilizers
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • No genetically modified organisms (GMO's)
  • Humane treatment of animals
  • Preservation of ecological integrity

Pro-Cert resulted from the merger in 1999 of two very similar organic certification agencies:

  • Organic Crop Producers & Processors (OCPP) of Ontario, Canada,
  • Pro-Cert Organic Systems (Pro-Cert) of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Both founding affiliates started certification in 1990, were owned and operated by Professional Agrologists (P.Ag.'s) and worked on a fee for service basis. Neither agency required memberships or demanded royalties.
The obvious commonalities, the strategic east-west office locations, the like-minded founding principals and the need for the intellectual and financial mass to survive in Canada's unregulated organic environment led to the merger. In September of 2007, Pro-Cert purchased all the shares to OC/PRO and now owns and operates Pro-Cert from its Head Office in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and its Eastern Branch


wheat-smPro-Cert provides professional third party certification to producers, processors, handlers and traders of organic products across North America. Pro-Cert certified organic products promote consumer confidence on a global scale.

Pro-Cert's knowledgeable staff includes Food Scientists, Agrologists, Biologists and Animal Scientists, which makes our Inspection and Evaluation team unmatched in the industry.

Pro-Cert's Fee Structures are all-inclusive. When you receive a quotation from Pro-Cert there are no additional inspection, membership, transaction fees or Royalty fees.

Our system provides a customer friendly approach to operating within a regulated system, ensuring the integrity of your organic product and brand.


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