Grass Fed Certification

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What is Grass Fed?

Grass fed ruminants are fed grasses, legumes, and stored forages to provide the closest thing to a natural diet as possible while improving the overall health of the consumer, the environment as well as the animals themselves.

Human Health Benefits
Compared to meat from grain fed animals, meat from grass fed animals is lower in total fat, higher in vitamins and antioxidants, and contains 2-5x more omega-3 fatty acids.

Environmental Benefits
Raising grass fed animals on rotating pastureland increases biodiversity and soil fertility, leaving a smaller carbon footprint than raising grain fed animals.

Animal Health Benefits
Grass fed animals are allowed to roam free on open pastureland which reduces stress levels, is more sanitary and reduces pressure on their immune systems.  These animals are treated humanely and being able to forage for their own food provides the nutrition appropriate for their digestive systems as nature intended.

Grass Fed Certification Program

The Pro-Cert Grass Fed Ruminant Standard supports the concept of natural living and species-appropriate diets used in livestock production. Ruminant animals, including cattle, sheep, and goats, were designed to consume a diet composed of plants.

Pro-Cert’s Grass Fed certification program involves the annual verification of compliance through third-party inspection and evaluation. Livestock producers must maintain an updated Grass Fed production plan and accurate production medication and marketing records. Animal and product identity must be maintained in an auditable format at all times.

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